Skinny Carbonara Pasta

Skinny Carbonara Pasta You may know or you may not know this, but… I am a huge pasta lover  🙂 so today, I thought about showing you a quick midweek pasta recipe. It’s called – Skinny Carbonara. It’s delicious and very quick to make! In only 30minutes you will have a steaming hot dish on a table.

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Raspberry Tiramisu


Hi, a couple of months ago I’d had some leftover raspberries from when I was making jams, so was wondering what to make with them, that would keep… And decided to make Raspberry Vodka. The recipe I found looked easy enough to try – I found it on Expat Gourmet’s blog – the recipe is here.

But it’s not the vodka I want to tell you about today, it’s the boozy raspberries, that you are left with once the vodka is ready. Expat Gourmet suggests to make Eaton Mess with them, but I felt a bit more adventurous – so made a different version of a well known Italian desert – Tiramisu. Ladies and gentlemen may I present: Raspberry Tiramisu.

Raspberry tiramisu
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Well, hello!

Welcome to ‘champers & strawberries’ blog… As, you probably gathered already I really like champagne and strawberries, but this blog won’t be about that! My intentions are basically to share all the good, nice, pretty things in life. Things that will make us happy or at least put a smile on our faces for a moment…

So here we go! Hope you will enjoy it!

Justyna xxx